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The Great Breakening (ElemenstorLance Collection)

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The Great Breakening (ElemenstorLance Collection)


The Great Breakening was a lengthly collection began in 2003, covering the middle era of The Great Breakening. It mostly focuses on the emergence of Dire Island, and the political ramifications and changes that the island brings to Breakened Battal. The various books in the series are all somewhat self-contained, weaving several complex stories in various perspectives about life on the sea.


The series concludes in The Wind Conch, which brings the main character from The Isle o' Rubian, Will Hawkins, back for more - now somewhat older. It also introduces at least one character from at least every other storyline as being part of his ship's crew, almost making the entire series backstory for one final adventure in which all the characters join together to bring peace back to Battal. Or at least a relative sort of calm that you get whenever you have Pirates running around as opposed to dangerous monsters.


It also introduces a very young Genja Hii towards the end of the series, and explains his origins, motivations, and amongst other things - his unusually long lifespan.

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