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The Great Breakening

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The Great Breakening

-19,230 to -4,420


Also See: Breakened Battal


A period of great naval development in the history of Battal.The landmass of The Shield and The Sickle are shattered by a powerful Geotelespacial Fractarent; breaking them into 16 seperate islands, and making the overall climate of Battal significantly more tropical.


This period is marked as the Great Age of Pirates, Corsairs, and various assorted other such swashbucklers as well as a huge explosion in the beach-front property real-estate transactions. Moisteners also remember this era with fondness, stating "Good times, good times."


Zonardians like to refer to this period as "Haha, we Told You So!" and insist that the Geotelespacial Fractarent was actually the Giant Meteoric Cow, albiet thousands of years too late.


Records from the era are difficult to find, as water, humidity, and tropical climates tend to do hellish things to paper. Much of the actual history of this period has degenerated into semi-historical legends. Grabling Froomchop is partially responsible for this, as his statement that nothing of importance happened during this time period was influential on many historians, and by the time they discarded this theory and decided to research the period in more detail, many records had been destroyed or simply rotted away.

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Tim said

at 12:25 am on Jun 28, 2006


Anonymous said

at 12:38 am on Jun 28, 2006

Personally im amazed something as vague as meteoric cow could lead to this. My faith in the internet is restored.

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