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The Great Crossing

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The Great Crossing


The Great Crossing of the elves is a tale seldom heard by the men of Battal and is general considered one of the oddest tragedies of the land.


The Great Crossing was, apparently, a large exodus of elves to the eastern shore of Battal, from which they intended to sail to the Elfin Land or, as they prefer to call it, "The Land Without so Many Damn Non-Elves".


Unfortunately for them, they suffered from the Great Distraction when their leaders saw the female Hildarth of the Men taking a bath in the R'g'ng River. Since at this point the elves were in the Prudish Faze, they had never seen even their own female elves naked, let alone a female of an inferior species.


The leaders gaped in shock for many long years, till other elves came to find them. Needless to say, once they returned to the other elves, they checked out their own females. Let's just say that one of them peeked when he should have just poked, there was an argument, a feud, and the whole group of elves just disbanded.


This was before the reign of King Ronard, in the year -31,990. Many elves blame the coming of the Taintless Men for this exodus, and its failure, though one king does send a 'thank you' card every year to one family of Men for the breaking of the Prudish Faze.


While most of the elves did return to Battal a group were not present for the Great Distraction and hence attempted to make it back the Elfin Land. However, they never could get there so instead they created a plane called The Everever in the Uberluma. When asked about why they could not make it back to the Elfin Lands, they will mumble something about getting lost and getting nagged about asking for directions.


Note: The "other" great crossing of note was by the Army of Himssford, and should not be confused with this great crossing.

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