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The Hierarchy

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The Hierarchy


Multiple Meanings


The term The Hierarchy is used to refer to two main concepts


(1) The era when The Hierarchs, or their effulgences and resonances in more appropriate terms, were said to be directly involved in the affairs of the world of Battal. A result of the overlap between the Elmether and the world of Battal, Elemanifestations could freely roam the world at the time. The period ended with the opening of the Darkrift. For more information, see The Hierarchy Era.


(2) The actual "organization" of relations among the Hierarchs. The third book of Weighty Tome of Elemenstor deals explicitly with this organization, but only a handful quotes are available from the series; fans eagerly await the rumored 2008 release of the Tome so that this mind-hurtingly epic period of the saga can be revealed in its full mysterious glory.


Excerpts regarding the Hierarchy


Excerpts from the Weighty Tome of Elemenstor regarding the Hierarchy and the creation of Battal:


"And behold! In the vastness of the great nothing, in the emptiness of their being, the Hierarchs grew in their fury and the Darkstorm consumed the Four Vales. Four the Hierarchs were--Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water--and cradled in the chaos of their violent conflicts and passions Battal was brought into existence. It was dead and lifeless, an empty shell." - Elemenstor 1:35

"And down came Gespechio from the Summit of The Skies, wrapped in the sun's glory. He was but a child gifted with the spark of creation, gifted with the ability to make alive that which was dead and broken. To the plains of Estereem he looked, and there he fashioned creatures out of dry wood and clay and gave to them the gift of life. He called them Ecreekem, and they were blessed by his presence." - Elemenstor 3:3

"Fear consumed them, and young Gespechio trembled at the rage of the Hierarchs. With wrath they tore through the Elmether and into the lands of Battal, all-consuming in their hatred." - Elemenstor 4:21

"Fire raged about him as his creations were obliterated before his eyes. And Gespechio turned to dust as the ashes of the Ecreekem swirled around him, naught but a silent cry escaping his lips. The wind scattered his remains across all Battal; the earth entombed his former glory; the water swept his memory to the deepest depths of the sea. Nothing more remained. Silence swept the land, and the Hierarchs returned to the Elmether. Yet, from these ashes and this dust, life sprang forth anew, and to man--of flesh and blood, not wood and clay--this planet was granted... We are the seed of Gespechio, and the trees and creatures which surround us are imbuded with the remnants of his lost glory." - Elemenstor 4:23-25, 27

"The Hierarchs still rage above us, but their wrath not easily sated and their pleasure not easily won. Let us not think, however, that their influence cannot be undone." - Elemenstor 6:14

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