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The Island of Terle

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The Island of Terle


The Island of Terle is a southern island that existed during the age of The Great Breakening. Once Battal was restored, it later became known as Blee, but regained its name of Terle after the Vampyric Wars. The Island of Terle is notable for being in the shape of a perfect triangle.


In the center of the island are the fertile Grasslands of Blee, with the mysterious Pyramid of Blee at the center which was created by the Thing From Another World, but later imploded during the end of the age after the Thing From Another World was slain in the Battle of the Gems. The Capital of Terle was Flongstake.


Grinswood Lake creates the border between the Grasslands and the southern third of the island, which is occupied by the forest of Oakendale. Oakendale is an ancient forest maintained by a group of Low-Elves, where they built the capital city of Lol'thoriun. However, after the colony of Elves on the Elfynisle, the city was abandoned to bears and pirates, and sometimes pirate bears. The elves reclaimed the city after the continents were restored by Genja Hii.


The west point of the island is a harsh desert known as the Cactus Flats. The small village of Yalka is there, built on the banks of the Everflow Stream. Humans and Sw'ftfl'woots alike share the territory. The largest city of the region was Kaladira, the island's single port town (if one did not count (Pormora, which few did). Because of the lack of any highly desirable resource on the island, it was largely avoided and considered inconvient to travel to.


The east point of the island is a wetlands which were called the Wallowmarsh Marsh, which is an ancient swamp home to many dangerous beasts, such as the Tyrex and various other nasty reptiles. It is also a breeding ground for Great Dragons, who should not be bothered. EVER. Thus, although a good source of freshwater, many chose to live in the desert, the grasslands, or the forest rather than in the dinosaur, snake, alligator, and dragon-infested swamp.

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