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The Island of Yymp

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The Island of Yymp


The Island of Yymp was actually one of the smaller islands of The Great Breakening age. It was a craggy, mountainous place, full of mountains and wastelands, but with a small series of plains towards the eastern third of the island. Much of the northwest parts of the island are taken up by the Beutrafficades.


The tallest mountain of the Beutrafficades were taken up by a community of Harpies, in a mountain known as Roostpeak. There, the Harpies had actually begun to become sentient. They tamed a number of Rocketcrabs and trained them to become couriers, establishing Battal's first postal service. The Harpies were ruled over by a king, who was tread with special respect, as male harpies are born but once every 50 years. In the feather-lined caves of Roostpeak, the harpies worshiped a minor wind god, Valeria, who bestowed upon them their intelligence. Sadly, after Battal was restored to its former glory, these harpies abandoned their way of life and returned to vindictive madness.


The mountains also had a town of Kobolds in a hidden valley, somewhere. The largest of the mountains remained a good source of freshwater, which allowed for a forest immediately east of there, known as the Talon Glade.


South of the mountains was the human capital of Northern Crag, which was actually refered to as Southbay in those days, and was a bustling port town. The Grottolings dwelt there, also. Southbay was connected to the Bay of Mist, a bay covered in a constant thick fog.


Immediately south of the capital city was Mesa Isle, an islet connected to Yymp via a mist-hidden landbridge. The minotaur there maintained the Lighthouse of Yymp, which allowed ships to navigate the thick fog and make it to Southbay safely.


On the very north tip of the island was the town of Witchenly, beyond the northern mountain range, which was a community devoted exclusively to the study of Witchcraft. Young witches came from all around the world to train there, and then were sent out via the Head Witch to various towns that required their services. Much of the population of Witchenly was also made up of Dim Elves, who acted as servants and test subjects for the community.


The east side of the islands is occupied by a large population of Orcs. Indeed, the only population to ever exist in the history of Battal. Although few records survived the age, the legend of these man-creatures continued to be passed down for generations. The area of the Orcs was known as the Skullcrusher Wastes, and was characterized by barren and rocky wastelands. Dry, hot, and with only a single freshwater source to sustain them - Crocoteeth River - the Orcs saw this place as an area to challenge them. Their capital city was Orc City, as Orcs were not known for their creativity. After Genja Hii restored Battal to its true form, the Orcs went the way of the Boomsticks, but evidence of their existance remained - even if the memories and orcs themselves did not. The ruins of Orc City were later used to build Exfentia.


The very southern tip of the island was owned by the Lawrence family, and convereted into Battal's first amusement park - Steamcastle, in which many amazing mechanical wonders were on display. However, Steamcastle also secretly served as a secret "product testing" center for the Imagineering clan, a testament to their tireless pursuit of science in the face of any and all morality.

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