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The Kingdom of Parsonya

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The Kingdom of Parsonya.

(also sometimes referenced by its Glitky name of Parsoya.)

The Kingdom of Parsonya is one of the Twelve Realms of Antior, and lies near the southern horn of The Shield just north of Chasm of Eternal Sorrow.


This unenviable proximity to such an evil and forboding place has influenced the character of the entire land. The residents of Parsonya are palid, somber, and morose to a man. There is an unusually high percentage of those who choose professions such as mortician, undertaker, and banker among the Parsonyans. This is why Low Elemenstor Rosinquist is quoted as saying, "Cheer up lads! you look like you've just been to Parsonya." The similarly morose Invisigoths dwelled near the northern border of Parsonya, but were not considered subjects of the Kingdom.


In the middle of the kingom is the capitol city of Parsonya is the city-castle DragonBone, which is connected to the port city of BashRock by The Long Road, a fortified passage of transit with high 12 Blarn fences passing on either side, the entire length of fence topped with living RazorVine. The only place to stop and take lodging or refreshment along the road is a gift shop, inn, trinket shop named Oblivion.


During the reign of Wraith-like Lord Greylord, later known "The Thousand Year King", The Kingdom of Parsonya fell to Vhadxi during the Vampyric Wars in the year 924.


Reestablished in year 10,933 under the reign of the wise King Goodlycooper, Parsonya is home to the Grimm Elemenstati Akademia, a renowned boarding school for children with promising talent in Elemenstation. King Goodlycooper also established the breeding of Pegass, which the kingdom became renowned for. Loosely refered to as the "Parsonya Airforce", the Pegass Knights became instrumental in defending the kingdom in future conflicts.


The Wizbits passed through the Kingdom of Parsonya in Season II: Ep. 29, where they met Marcus, the kindly undertaker, who helped them to escape from Garver Crypt in just the nick of time, and it was here that the Wizbits first encountered Defense Twinkies.


In Northern Parsonya are the great grasslands where the Mist Hooves herd of minotaur roam. These grasslands are also featured in the Crossing the Great Grasslands and The Badger, Encounter with a Band of Thieves episodes of The Adventures of Isaac and Raven, where Isaac and Raven travel to the village of Riverside which is being terrorized by a band of theives lead by the mysterious bandit known as "The Badger" who turns out is Isaac's long lost half brother.


In Southern Parsonya is the Dead Lands, a dry and rocky expanse which, during unsundered periods, is the easiest crossing to scoot around the southern tip of the mountains range containing Mount Wor (anybody know the name of this range?) and get to The Sickle by land.


Also found in this kingdom is the Black Forest of Much Blackness.


After the War of Eldersbane, Eldersbane permanently resides in residence over northern Parsonya, living in an unwary truce with their former enemies.

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