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The Kingdom of Yymp

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The Kingdom of Yymp.


The Kingdom of Yymp is one of the Twelve Realms of Antior, and lies on the west coast of The Shield. Its territory begins just south of a long mountain range known in Yymp as the Beutrafficades, extends east to the Ap'str'ph' Mountains and extends west to its barbarous coast along the Unnamed Sea.


The Kingdom of Yymp fell during the Vampyric Wars in the year 942, after the assasination of the final in a long line of increasingly ineffectual Ruling Steward Earls, the worst of which being The Steward Earl Stewart Earle Steward, the Earle of Steward


The southern lands of Yymp were dominated by a great Mist Sea from which rose majestic plateaus like lonely islands in the fog. The wide misted planes were all but inhabitable, as the fumes in the fogs were said to drive man and beast alike to madness. Therefore the populations atop the plateaus lived a scattered, solitairy agrarian life among wheat fields blowing in the wind and livestock stabled in simply constructed barns.


After the events of the Tales of Yorn, which culminate in year 18,526 (TLFotUM), the Mist Sea disapated and the rocky and barren grey plains of Yymp slowly changed to grasslands. These grasslands were known to be home to tribes of nomadic minotaur. Also, in southern Yymp, the Dwimelvan’tesal make their home.


Living among the humans, but apart from them on the Great Plateaus are the Grottolings, masters of the primal Shamanic Elemenstation.


Northern Yymp is the location of some of the most productive salt mines in Battal.


Cities of Yymp




The Steward Earl Stewart Earle Steward, the Earle of Steward is one of my personal favorite anti-heroes. Especially the bit about his bumbling affairs with the giantesses. -ewige

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