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the Knack

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The Knack


A term for the talent, ability, or indescribable essence required to become an Elemenstor. Since no one knows what the Knack really is, no one can accurately predict who will become an Elemenstor; a potential Elemenstor can be of any age, sex, race, upbringing, physical type, inclination, or even species (although most people believe "too clever by half" to be a required attribute). Signs of the Knack usually surface in early childhood, though some "late bloomers" have been known to develop the Knack well into their middle age, to the derision and mockery of their peers. Such signs are subtle and complex, though all doubts are dispelled when the future Elemenstor "finds"* their first glowing shard of Rubian.


*Most scholars agree that it is the Rubian which actually finds the Elemenstor, an effect they describe as "totally creepy".


"The Knack" is also a somewhat sub-standard balladeer group from Rivdellshire.


Knowing who will be able to have the talent for Elemenstation and who will not is known as a particularly difficult tasks. Harbinger Portent was known to have this ability, but it is actually unusual among powerful Elemenstors. Instead there is a particular method that is most often employed which involves the use of Knack Spotting Children.

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