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The Longest Moment

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The Longest Moment

The Rise and Fall of Minuschitae

Medianary 26th, 9473, 4:35:00 PM BUST- 4:35:13 PM


Timeline Events

  • Medianary 26th, 9473, 4:35:00 PM - Frand Burgrove drools in his sleep. A globule of his spittle combines with the existing detritus upon a hair of his pillow (which was in fact a dead badger) and The Kingdom of Minuschitae is thus created.


  • Medianary 26th, 9473, 4:35:07 PM - The 508th King of Minuschitae dies while eating his soup, bringing an end to the direct line of god-kings and signalling the start of the Great War of Minuschitae.




  • Medianary 26th, 9473, 4:35:12 PM - Burgrove begins to sigh, signaling the beginning of The Minupalypse.





This age, described in an epic poem Tycho Brahe (See The Rise and Fall of Minuschitae) allegedly wrote while taking severe allergy relief medications, describes the effects that a brief sigh, given off by a napping Frand Burgrove, has on Minuschitae, a kingdom contained within a hair on Frand's pillow. In this painstaking description of the unspeakable horror and inevitable destruction of the once peaceful kingdom, The Sundering is foreshadowed, and Vaxin the Tiny is introduced.

The Dwarfball Match and the Undoing of Fonard

The Longest Moment also coincided with the day of a very heated battle between the goggle wearing Dwarves of Hurlia and the forces of the Magic Sword Kingdom (led by Fonard, heir of Ronard). The Magic Sword Kingdom was victorious and took well over three prisoners of war who were, of course, consigned to their fate as dwarfball equipment. As was customary, those with hats were allowed to keep those hats. Unbeknownst to their captors however, one of the prisoners (Laminian the Wicked, leader of the Pickled Dwarves regiment) wore The Enchanted Enchanter's Hat of Enchanted Enchanting, which would swallow any weapons used against the wearer, and return them enchanted somehow.


The stage was set thus for Fonard's undoing, and at exactly 4:35 that day, as he swung Ronard's Very Large But Unenchanted Spikey Hammer to strike the dwarfball, it for one moment disappeared from the world altogether. It was also at precisely this moment that Fonard was struck mortally from behind by a team-mate's misplaced hammer swing. The Pickled Dwarves had also chosen this exact moment to launch a vicious counter-attack against the Magic Sword Kings, which would have been doomed were it not for the concurrent loss of both Fonard and Ronard's Very Large But Unenchanted Spikey Hammer.


Fonard never recovered from the blow, and while his hammer was returned, it had become the much less impressive Ronard's Very Large Enchanted Spikey Hammer.


Fonard died two weeks later, and the kingdom, for over 33 hours, was caught up in Fonard's 37 sons fighting to the death for his Crown. Julipon, the eventual victor, survived by curling up into a ball, as the last of his brothers died of exaustion.


Historians look upon the moment that Fonard was struck down as the beginning of the fall of the Magic Sword Kings and the line of King Ronard.

Yar the Sorcerial and Ronard's Very Large But Unenchanted Spikey Hammer

It was also at this exact moment that Yar the Sorcerial burst, cloaked in flame, from his mother's womb. Even in Battal this was considered a very strange birthing process and drew quite some attention. Few were surprised when Yar grew up to be a person of some import.


Of course, these two events occurring at once was was neither incidental or coincidental. As Laminian's The Enchanted Enchanter's Hat of Enchanted Enchanting sent Ronard's Very Large But Unenchanted Spikey Hammer to Minuschitae until such time as it would become enchanted. This was orchestrated by Yar, who used the Hammer in his telesorc'ley and timesorc'ley to enter and exit the tiny kingdom, thus setting off tremors in spacenes and timenes resulting in his own birth.

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