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The Magic Sword Kings Period

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The Magic Sword Kings Period


0 to 9,473



Timeline events







  • 903 - Vhadxi is betrayed by his wife, Adhnaten. An internal power struggle blunts the onslaught of the Vampyres.





  • 939 - Shadia's forest are finally overrun by the forces of the Vampyre.





  • 950 - Ithbarg II falls, the eastern nations begin to plot their counter-offensive.





  • 1,003 - 3,467 - With no nations to provide security, the land falls into chaos. Warlords, bandits, and worse prowl the lands, and villagers have little to turn to for defense but the appearance of wandering warriors and heroes. Because of this, it is sometimes referred to as The Wandering Age.


  • 3,512 - Order reasserts itself, stable kingdoms begin to rise.



  • 4,230 - King Sc'rch'drth is assassinated by no less than 200 assassins, at once. Every assassin had a different employer. His kingdom splinters as the old kingdoms reassert themselves.




The Magic Sword Kings Period lasted from the year 0 to the year 9,437. It's beginning was marked with the birth of the first Magic Sword King, King Ronard, and its end by The Longest Moment, caused by Prince Fonard's failure and Yar the Sorcerial's birth. The era was so named because of the vast number of magical swords available in that time. In fact, magic swords were so common they were rarely used in combat, being used instead mainly for such tasks as slicing bread and trimming beards. The period is most marked by its almost constant warfare between the neighboring nations of the Twelve Realms.


Major Events

Early in King Ronard's reign, Verdant Anuerism, a time-traveller from tens of thousands of years in the future, brought with him to the past with him the 100 Swords of Sepathok. Unfortunately they ended up scattered when he arrived. (The Verdant Anguish depicts an alternate timeline in which Sepathok and Verdant Anuerism fought for the swords in this period. This horrifyingly gigantic continuity error was retconned out of existence in Holy Crap How Do I Fix This.)


One of the most important of the wars of this period would be the Vampyric Wars, launched by the Vampyre lord Vhadxi in 803. Vhadxi himself was once a Magic Sword King, although which one is never said. Fan speculation varies, with both Ronard himself and Frogeater Notapuppet being favorite choices for Vhadxi's identity. The war would last for 200 years and end with collapse of the remaining nations of the Twelve Realms and the annihlation of the Vampyre threat in a cataclysmic battle at the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow.


Over 2,000 years of chaos reigned in the wake of the cataclysmically epic war. Even the Magic Sword Kings of that time could do little to recalm the land. Several of them took to wandering the realms, righting wrongs and defending villagers from bandits and warlords. Several other of them simply wandered about aimlessly, or stayed at home and got really, really drunk. Famously, Notatall Asmarty bounced off the same tree for 24 days straight before his friend found him. The actions of the kings and others have caused this time period to sometimes be called The Wandering Age.


Finally, order began to come back to the lands, and stable kingdoms slowly began to return. With them, the Magic Sword Kings also returned to power. Soon, King Sc'rch'drth came to power and set about unifying the kingdoms of the Twelve Realms. He succeeded, but the following year was assassinated by 200 different assassins at the same time, all of them under different employ. His successor, King Pn'tyw'st had no interest in maintaining his father's empire, and the kingdoms returned to being independent.


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End of the Magic Sword Kings

The beginning of the end for the Magic Sword Kings came in 9,473. This year, Ronard's Very Large But Unenchanted Spikey Hammer was lost during a particularly heated game of dwarfball. Countless Magic Sword Kings through the ages had relied on the liberal application of the hammer, in the spirit of their ancient ancestor, to proclaim and retain their power. With its loss, the line of Ronard fell into decline, civilization collapsed, and the Spica Wars began. Although the Magic Sword Kings continued to exist durring the Spica Wars they were basically war lords, and not even the most powerful ones at that.

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