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The Merry Making hat of Melodies

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The Merry-Making Hat of Melodies


One of the few magical items crafted by The Completely Ordinary Non-Elves, the Merry-Making Hat of Melodies is just that: a large jaunty cap that, if worn whilst dancing, produces lively music to accompany the dance.


While a pleasant diversion and excellent for dancing practice, there are two key flaws to the Merry-Making Hat of Melodies: One, the CONE wore the hats to war, not to their numerous Dances 'Bout the Maypole, and two, the hats have the unfortunate effect of driving War Men into an even berserker fury than normal.


Despite the one-two punch of the Merry-Making Hat of Melodies, it is still traditionally worn by the commander of a CONE regiment, who dances for good luck to rain unto his troops; commanders are usually disappointed when bolts, arrows, and horrible horrible Fire Elemanifestations rain down instead.

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