The Mountain Filled with Hot Lava

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The Mountain Filled with Hot Lava

A cartographic misnomer perpetuated by the Candying Guild of Esselnach. The Mountain Filled with Hot Lava was in fact filled with tasty cream filling and was known as such to the locals, but when King Ronard commissioned the Great Finding-Things Out Expedition of year 404 (TMSK) to map the FaeriWraithe Lands, Guild members conspired to make sure The Mountain Filled with Tasty Cream Filling had its name recorded as The Mountain Filled with Hot Lava in order to protect their secret, and they worked to ensure that the brothers Shem the Half Truthful and Hem the Misnomer were put in charge of the expedition.


Also rather misnamed was the River of Healing Balm.


The closest anyone ever came to discovering TMFwHL's secret was in 18,764, when Fire Elemenstor Helladrian Forelder made an expedition to the mountain seeking a new source of hot lava. He was bitterly disappointed to find nothing but sweet, tasty cream inside, and as revenge conjured forth a powerful Elemanifestation to seal the mountain forever in a six-foot-wide wall of chocolate. The mountain was subsequently devoured in 24,557 by the Dark Wank Ulubimon the Sweet-Toothed.

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