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The Resundering

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The Resundering

Like The Sundering, except slightly different. Not to be confused with The Reunsundering, oh Lord no.


Unlike the original sundering, The Sickle was merely shifted a few hundred feet away from The Shield. None the less, this upheaval set the stage for the world rending earthquake of 26,780.


The resulting gap filled with waters from the western seas and created the Notapuppet Channel, over which the long and sturdy wooden Ronard Bridge passes, connecting the port city of BashRock in The Kingdom of Parsonya to the Land of Baz in The Sickle. This bridge makes an appearance in The Journey of Wolfgang Apprentice


Archibald Almalastor had a significant involvement in bringing The Resundering about; further details can be found on his page.

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