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the Smoo

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The Smoo


The Smoo are a warlike race of cave dwellers with a fierce honor code and tribes bound together unbreakable oaths of fealty. Cursed by Dark Elemenstor Lukan Gradebearer none of the Smoo ever age physically past the age of 9. The Smoo call themselves the Volkin Grebba son Lom Chit Pellistamon but as this doesn't roll off the tongue they are always referred as Smoo, the name coined for them by Elemenstor Delbrick Moneycoin.


They live on Mount Garmore son Pellistamon, the highest peak of The Smoos in The Sickle. Their only known settlement away from Mount Garmore son Pellistamon was an underground village--remorselessly slaughtered--by the Four Underdogs in the ElamenSTAR episode "Up to Bat." Apparently this settlement was filled with servants of Char Reyarteb, though why the Smoo would serve Reyarteb or why Wendel believed as much is never fully explained. Or indeed partially explained.

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