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The Smotening

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The Smotening

A month long period durring the Spica Wars in which the increasing tendancy for disorder and chaos culminated in all alliances being dissolved and literally every person being at war with every other person. The causes for this are believed to be the increasingly scarce recourses prevailent durring the Spica Wars and the fact that it had become popular belief that "There can be only one!".


Nobody knew exactly one what or why there could only be one of it. The best explination to date is that the saying originated with The Eyuda who are well known for thier enenigmatic lexicon.


After about a month and the deaths of 90% of the population of Battal people realized that the only ones who could survive such anarchy were, ironically for once, the peasants who actually produced all the food.


It is generally considered to be the case that Chad Shinjuko "won" The Smotening due to the fact that he was the only one to get anything done durring this time.

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