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The Sundering

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The Sundering

In the year 10,435, unbelievably potent Elemenstal energies are released when Zonard, heir to the throne of the Magic Sword Kings, clashes with Yar the Sorcerial.


The epic battle between Yar The Sorcerial and Zonard ended when Zonard was struck by an epic blow to his zotesticle, unleashing the potent, epic forces within. An Eldritch Rift broke the world into three parts, only two of which were reunited during The Unsundering; The Shield And The Sickle, and the Cataclysmic Bluont, the previously unknown third, most Epic part.


The period of geological upheaval after The Sundering, and before The Unsundering is referred to as The Sundered Era. Sometimes the term "The Sundering" is used to refer to the entire Sundered Era.


A popular retort in many regions is to shout loudly: "YOU JUST GOT SUNDER'D!" and then clap one's hand to one's mouth, simulating disbelief.


Note: These details are NOT derived from The Sundering of Vhaxdi, which has been overwritten due to its numerous technical and continuity errors.


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