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The Vile Furniliar

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The Vile Furniliar


The Vile Furniliar is a work of fan fiction, concerning itself with the creature known as the Vile Furniliar.


The Creature Itself - The Vile Furniliar


This sad and twisted creature first mentioned in the fan fiction work by the same name has led a tortured existence since it first tore itself free from the entrails of its beloved mother womb, the young boy Timmy.


The Vile Furniliar seeks only one thing in this world, Love. Sadly through its creation and the twisted forces that helped shape it, its idea of love often involves burrowing inside someone’s body and enjoying the closeness it feels with them. This is further worsened by the fact that contact with this Furniliar has regenerative properties.


This sad creation still searches for someone who will love it, and not commit suicide shortly after.


The Story




And yea I did take young Timmy and slide the seed of the Furniliar to be deep inside throat. The choking subsided shortly as the seed animated and worked itself down to the depths of his body there to feed on his essence…


The text takes a dark and twisted turn after this. According to the online rumors the author of this piece went insane and was forced to write tax law for the rest of his twisted and tortured life. There have also been unfounded talk that this piece of fan fiction while obviously a ELotH work was written a full five years before the series was released and that the man who did this had the power to see into the future though darkly, it seems.




The text of this work while twisted and warped shows quite accurately that this is set around the time frame of the second Elemenstor War in the year 22,027.

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