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The While-Not-Great-Certainly-Not-Forgettable

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The While-Not-Great-Certainly-Not-Forgettable


This title was awarded to Rothgar when he volunteered to solve a classic problem. Two women were fighting over a baby and both claimed that the child was theirs. Rothgar carefully considered the situation and then told them the following:


"If you will not decide between the two of you, I shall cut the child in twain and you both shall have a half which you may keep to yourself."


"Fine with me." Said one of the women.


"No!" cried the other "Anything but that!"


Rothgar sighed. "I told you guys to figure it out, but you still can't agree." And with that he cut the child in two, an action which surprised all who were in attendance. "Now you guys don't have anything to worry about." And with that, he departed, much to the alarm of those concerned for the well being of thier own children.


The two woman would later agree that his decision making was certainly not great, but even more so not forgettable. They both served life sentences for endangering the child so.


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