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The Wizbits Season 1 DVD

Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 10 months ago

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The Wizbits Season 1 DVD


A big box containing five DVD discs. The first 100 copies of the box are to be signed by voice actor Pat Bentor. Was released holiday season 2005.



Fun Facts About this DVD


  • The commentary on this DVD was made for all 12 episodes of the season, including the "Wish Upon a Wizbit", the first episode of the series which was never aired.
  • On the commentary all five surviving cast members catch up on lost time, as they had all been missing since the last season aired. For reasons not very publicized, the producers had a hard time tracking all of them down alive. It seems many of the original cast contracted a horrible, terminal illness in which the final stage looked remarkably like a sniper bullet to the head, or sometimes made the body appear to have had a struggle with a knife wielding assailant before being stabbed to death. Doctors suspect a form of bacteria.
  • The discs are pink.
  • A famous quote from the commentary is from voice actor Pat Bentor who said to a producer, "Please, dear God, loosen my neck brace. I promise not to run again."


Collector's Edition


A collector's edition of the box set has been released on January 31st this year (2006), and contains a LOT of extra's, aside from the really neat-looking box.


  • All American AND Japanese Episodes.
  • Commentary for the Japanese episodes by the original crew!
  • 12 Discs! The first five are the regular normal edition discs, the other 5 have the Japanese episodes and their commentary, and the last two contain special features about James Langomedes, a making of, a look behind the screens and such. The making of speaks alot about stuff, but the fans' primary reason for wanting to see it is that there appear way too many foreshadowings about James Langomedes' 'problems'.



The original author of this page claimed that the Season 1 DVD had 20 discs, 100 episodes and 200 "un-airable" episodes. I don't even think that's physically possible (particularly for a single season), so I'm sure he got some details wrong somewhere. -lou


About that special edition, ey? What foreshadowings? I've got the boxes on my shelves here, and I don't even have a making of! -johan

Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 7:51 pm on May 22, 2006

Is this just an American release? I've been looking all over for Wizbits and up until now I thought I'd have to wait until the whole Fine-o video thing got sorted out.

Anonymous said

at 7:31 am on May 23, 2006

The European release is in September. Though, I hear that due to localization issues the German dvds will have two episodes omitted.

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