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The Wizbits Season 2 DVD

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The Wizbits Season 2 DVD


Due to be released in summer 2007, this contains season 2 of The Wizbits cartoon.


Fun Facts About This DVD


  • All 11 episodes aired in America, along with the Christmas special, will be available, as well as a short documentary on the never-aired episode The Holy Messiah Carpenter!.


  • The episode Death in the Family: A Very Special Wizbits will recieve extra attention, including a short documentary on the episode's impact in changing children's television (being the first ever cartoon to depict a rotoscoped bum attacking an exploding blood-filled mannequin) and commentary by Tycho Brahe ("So, uh, why is that chick exploding? Wait, that's Amberberry? Remind me who she is again").


  • For a limited time, the DVD will come with three exclusive CCG cards: Blood Explosionfest Extraordinare, Werewolves of Battal, and Doodle.

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