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The Wizbits

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The Wizbits

The History of the Ur-Wizbits and Their Four Familiars

This page contains information relating to the characters of The Wizbits Cartoon.
For more information about The Wizbits, please see the Wizbits Disambiguation Page.
For more information about other characters in The Wizbits, see the Wizbits Characters page.
For information about other incarnations of these characters, please see this page.




The Heroes










The Cartoon


The Wizbits were best known to American audiences for their three-season run in the syndicated cartoon, The Wizbits (The Wizbits Episode Guide).


It is an oft forgotten fact, usually thanks to some degree of effort on the part of the person who manages to forget it, that for Season 2 of Wizbits Skip was briefly replaced. The original Japanese animators having discovered the popularity of their show in the West decided to replace the most 'Japanese' of their creations with a more generic character. Thus Skip was replaced with the much-reviled Doodle, a character whose basic premise was that he travelled Battal with his spasmodic beetle, Blotch, drawing crude pictures of other people's familiars (or indeed in some cases their furniliars). Presented as an already established character Doodle's origin story was thankfully never disclosed. Having proved less popular with the kids than even the hardcore fans Doodle was rapidly ret-conned out of existence. Because he was created specifically for the western audience, Doodle never appearred in the original japanese series (see ElamenSTAR).


Before the Wizbits had a cartoon, however, the term "Wizbit" was already in use, as seen in some of the earlier games. It is unknown who came up with the term, though most say it was Tycho Brahe, who, while drunk, referred to the Elemenstor characters as "jus' a bun' a lil' wizzy bits. Wizzy bits. Wiz-bits, if ya will."



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