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The Yellow Tomorrow

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Rothgar, The Yellow Tomorrow


Upon waking up and realising that his pervious adventure has resulted in some form of liquid timesorc'ley, Rothgar, the Pink Yesterday realised that he must immediately return to his own time; even if his meddling caused no real damage to the timeline, the whole thing was 'kinda eerie', he was later quoted as saying.


Rothgar marched into the bar he had spent the day, or rather, he would spend tomorrow, drinking in, requesting 'a mug the size of my head, only bigger'. Grabbing every bottle he could remember taking the last time off the bar wall, not to mention a few others (it's very hard to remember everything in perfect detail when that drunk), Rothgar reasoned thusly; if mixing them all together caused me to go back in time, mixing them all together in reverse order will put me back forward. He was indeed wise in his drunken reasoning. Mixing everything backwards into the mug, he swallowed the contents whole, and awoke to find himself back in his normal time, albeit with a second, even more Epic Hangover.


"The Yellow Hangover" was also the name of a psychedelic blues band in the late 1960s. They are mostly remembered for their radio hit "Kick it into Overgear, Baby".


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