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Theoric the Eversnide

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Theoric the Eversnide, The Adversary

Theoric the Eversnide, the a member of the Moonlit Order, was, generally, regarded as a complete wiseass, until he managed to recover the Staff of the High Augur from the Grotto of Woe. He returned with the staff and presented it to the Elder Scion Collective, who deemed that he was fit to be named High Augur.


Even after this strange turn of events, most of the Chronoclave still regarded him to be a wiseass (as, incidentally, did his own mother, Martha the Frigid). Though the exact details of these events are lost due to their severely bizzarre nature, the general gist of it seems to be that Theoric traveled forward in time from 20,018 to ask his future self of the whereabouts of the staff and how he came to acquire it, then traveled back in time to 16,648 to get it, thoroughly pissing the Chronoclave off in the process. He then travelled to 20,019 to present the Staff to the Elder Scion Collective, who asked him to come back in sixteen years, which, in his least snide moment, he decided to do without time travel, finally realising that his time-travelling was at least slightly risky.


As High Augur, Theoric founded the Elemenstoring Police, which he weilded as his lime green slow moving right arm of power, using them to enforce "Theoric's Laws."


The advanced knowledge of timesorc'ley needed to undertake this mind-bendingly obnoxious task has placed him among the ranks of the Master Chronosorcellors.


Theoric makes an appearance in the ElamenSTAR episode, "The Moonlit Order and Chaos."


See also: Parable of the Swimming Rabbit

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