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Thinker of Thoughts

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Thinker of Thoughts


At this point in his title-gathering career, Rothgar of the Glade decided that there was something lacking from his collection, and that thing was intellectualism. This however posed a great hurdle for our hero, as his rough upbringing had left him with few skills that were appropriate for the task.


Reading was out of the question, since Rothgar was completely illiterate. This however did not stop him from making the attempt. While the exact details of this incident have been lost to us it is known that 13 bookstores, 3 libraries and everyone in the closest bar who answer yes to "Can anyone here read?" were burned to the ground and urinated on.


Next he attempted philosophy which simply turned into a drunken orgy with people occasionally shouting out pretentious exclamations, a tradition that exists in the field to this day.


Then came classical music: While Rothgar was indeed a decent singer, this sadly did not translate well into classical music, possibly because he chose to play the Poisoned-Bladed Mouth-Harp-Harpsichord, an instrument of his own design. There were no survivors.


At this point, one of his philosophy buddies met up with him on the street and appointed him with the title: While his attempts at being intellectual were not exactly successes, he had certainly put a lot of thought into it. Not a few well reasoned thoughts but rather many poorly constructed ones, true, but still thoughts none the less.



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