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Thomas Warding

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Thomas Warding




A particularly eccentric Master Hatsmith. He had the skill of creating particularly extravagant names for his hats such that any adventurer stumbling across one of his pieces would be enthralled by its promises of enhancing effects. Many of his hats do not, indeed, have any of the effects their names suggest. Some examples of such hats are:



While many (if not most) of Thomas' hats provide no enhancing effects to any ability besides personal appearance, he did forge a few hats which did. While it can be speculated whether these hats were made by accident, or some spontaneous burst of skill, it cannot be denied that these hats did in fact exist at one point, and that their names do not show Thomas' trademark extravagance. Two of these such hats are The Jeering Fred and Popular Veal.


It was due to these strange naming practices that he spent a large portion of his life under investigation by the Item Law Makers Guild. Although he was never accused of crimes, several Guild members accused him of being “A damn sneaky little sod”.




Because of Thomas' popularity (and eccentricity), several people became apprentices of Warding. Most weren't able to progress beyond apprenticeship, but a couple did become Artisan Hatsmiths themselves. None became as popular as Thomas, though a few gained more popularity than some of his hats. None were able to acheive Master Hatsmithship without further mentoring. Some of the more notable apprentices include:


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