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This is the existence of Time itself. It was one of the original Ur-Urelements to come out of the primal chaos, along with Epic, Voidnes and Spacenes. Timenes could have a symbol, but it would probably be something stupid, like a clock. So it's better off without one.


There have been some philosophical debates on whether Time was indeed first or not. Those who study Timesorc'ley generally employ the simple argument of “Time had to come first because there was no time before it so nothing happened until it arrived”. Their opponents who study Liberal Arts respond with "It doesn't make sense to talk about Time (and hence Timenes) *beginning* because without Time nothing can be ordered temporally at all- so Time has to have *always* been." They then go off together and drink heavily to relieve the constant headaches they suffer.


A Timenes Elemenstor is called a Chronomenstor.


Comments & Discussion

(I always thought "Timenes" was just a typo- is it really "Timenes" and not "Timeness"? -toshi.m)
(I think it is actually "Timenes", pronounced "tim-uh-nes" however I could be wrong -Nathan)
(Given that the Ur-Elements often have archaic spellings, it is not inconceivable that "Timenes" is indeed the correct way to spell the word. I'd have to agree with Nathan. -Jonny D)
(Yes, Timenes is the way that I've always seen it written. There are some lame puns in the Wizbits that involve a confusion of the term "timenes" with the notion of a "time menace".
(Maybe it could have one o'dems melty clocks as a symbol?)

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