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A leek fashioned into a small throwing axe via vegemancy. Introduced in EFWQ XVI: Rebels of the Ominous Judgekings, it can only be created by a level 67 or higher Godric Potatamus, and is the most powerful axe obtainable in the game (excepting the brief period where the player is controlling Dan the Badass, who wields the Battleaxe of Fatal Death. Aside from its amazing stats, it also has a 30% chance of causing Vegemorphosis against creature opponents. It was also added to the eigth printing of the Homeopathic Sorc'ley expansion to ELotH: TES - Pen and Paper RPG (the original printing of which had introduced vegemancy in the first place). The stats, however, were vastly reduced, partly to make it a more balanced weapon, but mostly because, according to one of the game developers,


"It's a goddamn sharpened leek, for God's sake!"

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