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Tomono Shuuan

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Tomono Shuuan


Tomono Shuuan is the enigmatic director of the acclaimed Japanese animated adaptation of the ELOTH:TES, ElamenSTAR.


Early Days


Tomono's parents were obsessive compulsive record keepers, tracking every possible event and statistic of their son.


Tomono's mother by all appearances was an expert homemaker. She kept the family home a level of cleanliness and order usually only attained in surgical theaters. However, she never seemed to aknowlege or even be away that anything remarkable had happened inside or outside of the home. In fact, Tomono often told the following story about his Mother:

"One day, I accidentally broke a clay pot in the living room of our house. In amongst the broken shards of the pot was a large coin. I immediately took the coin and added it to my "loot" bag. My Mother, who was in the living room at the time, said nothing about this. I then went outside to pull up all the grass in the yard, as I had discovered that coins were hidden there the previous day. When I returned to the living room, I found that clay pot had been repaired. In fact it looked as if it had never been broken. I asked my Mother about this, but all she said was 'You look tired, Honey. Why don't you take a rest in your bedroom?' She said that to me a lot."


Tomono's father worked an undisclosed job at a far away unknown place. His only contact with his son was the daily telephone call Tomono made before he went to bed.

During these phone calls, Tomono was made to recite every action he had taken that day, including (but not limited to): the number of steps he had taken that day, the number of random people he had "defeated" (it is not clear what this meant, as Tomono never elaborated) and their "value" based on how difficult they were to "defeat." Tomono's father would occasionally declare that his son had "defeated" enough people to be promoted in "rank". Once Tomono had been promoted enough times, Tomono said that the knowlege and skill for directing an animated television series was bestowed upon him. Tomono later revealed that he believed that if he died before achiving his "Ultimate Goal of Perpetual Destiny and Never Ending Fame" his life would begin again from the time of his last phone call to his father.


Rise to Power


After rasing enough money from breaking pots and pulling grass, Tomono...


Salad Days


ElamenSTAR made Tomono Shuuan into a household name. He attained a level of fame and adoration in Japan usually only reserved for sports heros, members of the royal family or Starcraft players.




Fall from Grace


It would be impossible to pinpoint the precise moment Shuuan's star went from "rising" to "falling," but many fans point to his most significant canonical gaffe, the Summer of Item Law 69. Although the episode itself was well-received, its introduction of the Item Law Makers Guild several hundred years too early was not a mistake easily explained away by timesorc'ley like so many other minor mistakes. Shuuan's now-famous response was perceived as grotesque hubris.


"This is the plot that I came up with. There may be people that complain about its canonicity, but that's something which fans and authors will have to adapt to. The plot is written that way on purpose, it's according to specifications. This is something that I've created, and this is my story. There was a clear purpose to it, and it wasn't a mistake."


Shuuan then added, "I believe I have written the most beautiful thing in the world. Nobody would criticize a renowned architect's blueprint that the position of a gate is wrong. It's the same as that."


Still, even this can only be described as "the beginning of the end."


A Tragic Ending


Tomono did not handle defeat well. After his epic loss at the hands of the boy he trained, he begame a recluse, rarely leaving his "estate" located in an apartment building in the suburbs south of Tokyo. He claimed he needed to spend more time with his niece. J-Pop and Shakira music blared from his apart... er.. "estate" at all hours of the day. Rumors began circulating that Tomono was training his niece to be a world famous pop idol in the mold of the great Wendy Rider.


Most of his remaining fans finally abandonded hope of another ElamenSTAR series.




Tomono was found dead at his "estate", wearing heavily starched petticoats with a matching corset and pumps, the victim of a failed attempt to prance. He is survived by his only son, Ichigo Shuuan.


Secrets Revealed

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