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Tooth Pixlie

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Tooth Pixlie


Tooth Pixlies are a cousin of Pixlies, more like a organization of Pixlies rather than a seperate race of their own. The only difference in appearence between Pixlies and Tooth Pixlies is that the ones who collect teeth are usually stained with blood and spit.


According to most people of Battal, Tooth Pixlies are generous little creatures who give children small presents or a pittance of money in exchange for a baby tooth. Although most adults believe this information to be fictional, they persist in telling their offspring that Tooth Pixlies exist, in some form of sadistic mind-screw that they find adorable.


Typically, after a child loses a tooth, they place the tooth in the chamberpot before going to sleep. In the morning, it has been replaced with a coin.


Tooth Pixlies do in fact exist, however, the truth about them is much more sinister than first appears. If a Tooth Pixlie visits a house to find a tooth, and doesn't find one in the chamberpot, it will often extract one from the nearest child, using very large pliers in a very painful manner. In an emotional scene in Book 2, Heeroh Troughberry tearfully re-accounts the traumatic experience of having a tooth forcibly taken from him by a Tooth Pixlie to his daughter, Orphenna Troughberry.


In Book 8, the Tooth Pixlies begin to tip their hand a tad too early, and it becomes a popular rumor that the Tooth Pixlies are executing a heinous plot to collect one tooth from every citizen of Battal. When they hold a tooth from every living person in the world, they will perform a ritual of the deepest evil, gaining control over one and all.


To this end, the Queen of the Tooth Pixlies forged from the lukewarm fires of The Mountain Filled with Warm Lava, the One Tooth – a false tooth to bind all life on Battal under her rule.


It is heavily implied, though never directly stated, that Bibee is the leader of the Tooth Pixlies, a like-minded group of Pixlies who have had it with being good natured and happy and instead wish to spread misery and pain throughout the world. Bibee uses them, extracting her mad vengange on all of Battal's children, one tooth at a time.


The Hitchhiker's Guide to Battal is an ElemenstorLance novel that has the plot of Bibee and the Tooth Pixlies in full, with Bibee eventually being stopped by the accidental blundering of Harold Copperblack, although most of the plot is just an excuse for madcap adventures and poking fun at traditional fantasy stereotypes.

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