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Torvolds were heavy troops of the Vampyre Army. Measuring some seventeen feet in length, these six legged, square-shaped monsters had a mouth at each end and jaws that could crush a horse.


Luckily they were relatively slow creatures, with their solitary head in the direct center of their being, rotating and unsure of which direction in which to go.


Good at taking directions whenever one tied their head down, they were a formidable foe on the battlefield due to a peculiar skin condition. A sonic resonance enzyme in their outermost shell rendered almost all weaponry useless against the Torvold. Midway through the Vampyric Wars it was discovered that several things could cause harm to a Torvold. One was any type of singing sword, the other was making music while fighting against the Torvold.


Before the use of Kelembadian Battlebards became widespread enough to be effective, this meant that many battles against the Vampyre Army involved whatever improvised music the soldiers managed to muster. Many whistled while they worked, some sang songs, and others hummed a tune as best they could.


The effect on the Torvold population was catastrophic. Being a nearly impregnable engine of two-mouthed destruction meant that the average Torvold didn't have much time on their hands for breeding. Now that a simple song could render them as defenseless as a fawn, they became a rarity on the battlefield and elsewhere.

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