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Twelve Fisted Evil

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The Twelve Fisted Evil

Also See: The Twelve Twisted Evil. The Confusion.


Page 991 of Aardnarsh's Compendium (III Edition) has this entry for the Twelve Fisted Evil:


The Twelve Fisted Evil (TFE) stands about seven hoofands tall, has fourteen arms, and a surly disposition. At the ends of 12 of its arms are tightly clenched fists, and at the end of the other two arms, two terminating nodes that look very much like deliciously ripe Largemelons. The TFE has dull and waxy grey skin, no head to speak of, and two glowing blue eyes near the top of the stump between its prodigious shoulders. From the top of the creature's head grows some greenish brown shrubbery which bares an unfortune resemblance to the viney plant of the largemelon bush.


Particularly unfortunate for travellers, the TFE sleeps largely buried in the soft loaming soil along the roadsides of Battal, with nothing exposed but its two non-fisted hands (through which it seems to breath) and the very top of its head, through which it is suspected to photosynthisize nutrition. Often a passing traveller will see what they suspect to be a viney largemelon bushes with two very delicious looking Largemelons. When they walk over to pick them, the creature awakens and comes up all fists from the ground below the traveller, often beating the unfortunate to a bloody pulp.



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