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Tycho Brahe

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Tycho Brahe


Acclaimed author, compulsive gambler, and self-proclaimed "God-King of Mesopotamia", Tycho Brahe (November 18, 1978 – Unknown), affectionately known as "Ptycho" to fans (for reasons never fully explained), is the reclusive author of the Epic Legends Of The Hierarchs: The Elemenstor Saga. He lost the animation rights in a high-stakes strip poker game, resulting in the Saturday morning series "The Wizbits" and a pilot grant for "Wizbits: Elemenstorial Adventures in the Lost Lands of Numbia," later realized as an Argentenian soap opera titled Una Hora de Acción con los Wizbits!


His marital status is a bit of confusion for longtime fans of Mr. Brahe. In some reports he is married, in some stories he is single, in one very confusing rumor he was said to have murdered his wife and replaced her with a bucket on wheels pulled by a string. This last rumor is, of course, ridiculous.


Apart from his mother, Deidre Brahe, and his Mexican cousin Juan Brahe, he has no known relatives. According to ELotH:TES Magazine, he is believed to have been in serious relationship with British star, Joan Collins, but that has been debunked by Mrs. Brahe, though not by Joan Collins.


Speculation is that books 4-13 were actually written by as many as three different authors collaborating under the Tycho Brahe name. Little evidence has been put forward to support this hypothesis, however. (See: FfaTTBE) Some believe this as another cause for the drinking and pill binge of 1997.


Some postulate that Tycho is just transcribing the events of the Epic Legends, as he found the Starborn Gem and is being used by it to see those past, epic and legendary tales. Others believe that the epic cycle is the product of a deep, soul-searing madness - a madness that allows him to see into the darkest corners of his mind and dredge up his most horribly primal urges which manifest themselves through his written word. There is ample evidence to support both theories. According to the followers of the idea of the Brahe Code, there are fundamental truths about the universe coded on the pages of the Elemenstor cycle.


Tycho is also deeply religious. As a devout Moominist Pastafarian, he attempts to try and keep the teachings of his 2/9ths of God close to his heart at all times. The influence of his Moominist roots are plainly visible in his works, provided the reader knows what to look for. See Pastafarianism and The Elemenstor Cycle for more information.


Tycho is notable for living without, or, more properly, will in the future, live for a brief time without the use of either of his naturally developed arms.


Though repeatedly invited to be interviewed by 60 Minutes, International Hard News Daily Tonight, and notable television shows he has continually declined. The rumors why have varied widely, ranging from a hatred of the media to being invisible to such equipment. A popular growing speculation amongst fans is that he is in fact deathly afraid of the lighting found in television studios, and perhaps all electric lights. The major evidence backing this theory is a rare candid interview with his mother in 1994 wherein she tells of a story of nine year old Tycho Brahe running in fear from his bed after the bulb in his bedside lamp exploded. This theory also explains the recurrent use of light bulbs to foreshadow death in his writing.


Some say "He is already dead", but they were fooled by his enemies.


He KNOWS where the Beef is.


Most recently, he has come under fire for his attempts to reproduce.


Other Works


He has also done some work in online syndication. These works cover the history of The Sundered Era, and include such memorable works as:


  • The Unsung story of The Dyecast Nine
  • A Trip to Grandma Beureau's Place
  • Beyond the Vale of the Ancients


See Also:



Having met Mr. Brahe, I can tell you that he is both a witty conversationalist and a snappy dresser. He is indeed the author of all works attributed to his name, although due to certain contracts, he does not control the rights to most of his works. -- Tyge Ottesen Realmworlds Publishing Legal Intern


MR. BRAHE'S DOING A BLOG! http://braheblog.blogspot.com


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