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Ubrith: The Untold Adventures

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Ubrith: The Untold Adventures

Ubrith and the mysterious unresolved thread from Book 11 involving her quest for vengeance over her murdered lover is the subject of alot of Fan Fiction.


This particular fic is fairly notorious because of the gratuitous use of sex. Basically, while continuing where her quest left off in Book 11, Ubrith is captured by slavers who bind her in Shackles of Null-Elements, which strip her of her abilities as an Elemenstor. She is then to be trained in the arts of a concubine, but manages an escape with a plucky slave girl named Lyssi.


The two then embark on a series of very sexy misadventures.


The story, though fairly well written, is considered poor by most fans who read it because it diverged too much from Ubrith's established character in Book 11, and because she seems to forget about vengeance over her dead lover about three paragraphs into the story.


That said, the fic had a wide readership due to the sheer ammount of sexual activity that Ubrith engages in, as well as the very steamy lesbian bath-house orgy near the end.




This story takes place firmly during the events of Book 12, which actually serve as a backdrop to Ubrith and Lyssi's sexy misadventures.

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