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A village town that lay within the boundaries of the vast Unothath Desert, of which it was named after. Unothath was most known for being the birthplace of the immortal Dark Elemenstor, Char Reyarteb. When this knowledge became widely known, Unothath desperately tried to guard itself with the Whispurr Liar, but an unnamed band of thieves still was able to ransack Unothath and burn it to the ground.


It is said that Char Reyarteb actually gave generously to the town and that they had a grand Reyarteb Library and a beautified Reyarteb Riverwalk.


After the town was ransacked, the entire desert was landscaped and the location of the town became a strip mall. The mall did poorly as it was still guarded by the Whispurr Liar.

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