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Verdant Anuerism

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Verdant Anuerism


Verdant Anuerism, first introduced in the short story The Verdant Anguish, is the great time-traveling being, best known for not delivering the 100 forged swords of Gragnakas into the Era of the Magic Sword Kings, as that portion of his life was erased.


Verdant is a mysterious being whose powers seem to wax and wane throughout the ages. He was bested by the swordsman Sepathok in the Era of the Magic Sword Kings (in a redundant Time-line), yet easily won his battle with Yar the Sorcerial during The Sundering. His powers were at least this great during the Hierarch Wars, when he fought alongside the Elemenstor Zuumont, but seems but a pale shadow of this level in the Resundering, when his battle with the Dark Chronolord Zerpok caused him to be sent back in time.


Verdant's life appears to be a loop, as he seems to be aware at all times of all the events of his life. He usually appears in the form of a old man atop a walking chair, but other forms are not beyond him. During his fight with Sepathok, he actually took the form of a sixteen-year-old boy.


Verdant Anuerism wrote several great magical tomes, the most famous of which is the Atlas to the Elmether, the only definitive guide to the Planes known.


Most of the Verdant's life has been erased due to Chrono-sorcery, most notably his dispersion of the 100 swords.



I've always personally had the theory that the true source of his power were the swords itself. The precise nature of the power of holding all 100 swords has never been properly explained - perhaps they provided Verdant with his high chronosorcelry? And after all, if the power of the swords is temporal, couldn't their power extend back to a time before he obtained the swords? ~Pxtl
I'm no expert, but it seems to me that the 100 swords were much more powerful before being physically created in a temporal realm, as when they exist only as a concept in time they are concentrated, whereas once physically formed their nature is to be spread out across both space and time, especially with all this mucking about with chronosorcelry and stuff which would really only serve to diminish their power. This means, then, that the 100 swords themselves were the force that triggered Verdant and his resulting actions, and the time manipulation that eventually resulted. -TychoCelchuuu
If, as is conjectured here, Verdant's life is indeed a loop, then it doesn't matter WHEN he held the 100 swords, since all times in his life are both future and past from his point of view. At any point in his life, even, say, a decade prior to him obtaining the 100 swords, if you go back far enough along his personal timeline, you will find the time when he DID possess the 100 swords - therefore he will have his power. -SamSim

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