Vile Automata

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Vile Automata

An earlier and far more vicious precursor to the Origami Golems. These war machines were created out of Ecreekems who were enslaved and slain in vile rituals, with flexibility and mobility through the use of Wood elemenstation and reverse-Ambulation. Primitive forms of Dark Elemenstation, mastered by the Tyrant of Otherhood, were used to give the soul-less husks new hearts of Dark Rubian, which animated them and filled them with hate for all living beings. Although they are not generally considered infurnal, the Dark Rubian binding process involved the use of Blood elemenstation, making them one of the earlier applications of the art.


The Tyrant used his power to create an army of these beings. However, the War of the Automatonors was ended when the heroic Brotherhood of the King sacrificed many of their number to lead a charge against his citadel, slaying him and releasing his hideous battalions from the bondage of undeath.


To this day there are known to exist ancient techniques of Low Elemenstation, designed to fight Vile Automata, which will still function against both Origami Golems and Vampyres, due to their unnatural states of life.

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