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King vulthar

King Vulthar was many things, but first and foremost he was a great zither player and was excellent with a lathe. Surprisingly little is known of the early life of the man who, with his beautiful, lithe and buxom wife Alnwein, stopped the Vampyre Hordes of Lord Vhadxi from overrunning the last of the twelve realms and plunging Battal into darkness forever.


We first hear of Vulthar performing on the field of battle against Torvolds as a conscript of the armies of Kelembad. He and his wife then disappear from the records (some sources suggest time travel) only to appear some time later having learned the secrets of a devastating two person technique known as the Star of Kelembad. They returned at precisely the right moment to participate in the Clashathon that was held after the death of King T'n'r. Vulthar did his part to win the contest by using his newly gained ability to create images of himself that all sang backup for Morletto, the Singing Blade. The king-and-queen-ship were easily won.


Under this leadership, Kelembad led the charge and ended the Vampyre Wars. In battle, so great was the power of the Star of Kelembad that in one conflict it carved the Valley of the Varnak with a single attack directed at a mobile living fortress constructed for Vampyre Lord Vhadxi by his evil craft warden Damien Darkhorn.


The magnificent defeat of Lord Vhadxi is chronicled elsewhere, but it did not preserve the kingdom, nor did it bring peace for the people of that region. The Wandering Age brought hard times on the lands. Alnwein and Vulthar (who seemed to possess incredible longevity, if not immortality) worked tirelessly through this turbulent time. They maintained order by founded a loose confederation of local Sheriffs that enforced the rule of law in their county. When the chaos of that time ended, Alnwein and Vulthar reforged Kelembad into the First United Republic of Terle along with part of the Ruins of Blee.


The Shreriffs of Terle elected Vulthar as their first Prime Minister, although over the years, he gradually ceded more and more direct power. As his beginning is shrouded in mystery, so is his end. Some have suggested that King Vulthar and Queen Alnwien were mere personifications of the fighting spirit of Kelembad, rather than actual flesh and blood, and that they were made manifest by the great need to the land's darkest hours. Those that hold to this idea maintain the belief that if the need were great enough, the two would appear again, singing and slashing and leading their people to victory.




Vulthar appears in EFWQ IX: Daydream of the Dragon Lord, it is unclear if this depiction is supposed to be the canon or if this is one of the many "Dream Form" character depictions from the game. Regardless, the severed wolf-head pendant is a nice touch, and a nod to Vulthar's predicessor.

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