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The Worldwide Agash Lovers' League (WALL)



The Birth of WALL

WALL began when the internet allowed the hundreds of disparate fan-driven Agash leagues around the world to get together to discuss this dangerous and exciting game. WALL traces its roots to discussions on both the rec.arts.elothtes and alt.fan.elothtes Usenet groups, though some detractors claim that the real birthing-place of WALL was the often much reviled General Chat message board on elemenst.org.


The domain www.agash-wall.org was registered in November of 2001, with the first Ronard Cup competition being held in May of 2002. Participation has risen steadily with each year, and the operators of WALL now claim to have over 200,000 registered members.


The Agash Season

Agash is based on a series of duels, and WALL computers determine suitable duels by region and skill level, with three skill-based ladders. Play begins in November, and in January, regional finals are held to determine the Agash representative of each region. Regions are determined by population, so populous countries may have many Agash regions, and tiny countries may share a region with several others. China actually has 27 regions, and India has 25, while Russia, large as it is, has only three regions.

Regional finals lead to the second round of duels, to determine the final four representatives for each hemisphere(for a total of four final battlers--Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast), officially dubbed "The Four Champions," but colloquially referred to as "The Four Underdogs," (or "t4U" on the message boards) in reference to the characters from the books. This term is not used by the official WALL website, however it has become so popular that an unofficial website called "Tea For You" has been birthed keeping track of the stats and lives of each year's Four Champions. It should be noted that each skill level has its own set of Champions, for a total of twelve world champions. For most fans, however, only those competing for the highest skill level matter.


The second round ends in late March. The month of April is free of duels to allow the three sets of Four Champions time to practice for the Ronard Cup, starting May 3rd and ending May 10th.


The Ronard Cup

Named for King Ronard, the possible inventor of Agash, the Ronard Cup is a week-long Agash tournament to determine the three world champions of Agash for that year.


During the Ronard Cup, seven matches for each skill level are held to determine that year's winner. The first six matches are one-on-one duels between each of the Four Champions. The final day features the only official WALL match to involve more than two players, in a four-man free-for-all Agash match.


The winner of the Ronard Cup is determined by a score based on performance in the tournament. For each of the first six matches, the winner recieves one point, with the final match granting five points to the winner, three to player in second place, and one for the player in third place. The highest possible score of 11 has never been attained, but 2004's Hammer Champion, Boris Sanovovich of Russia came closest, with a score of 9.


The Three Skill Levels

These are the three skill-based ladders supported by WALL.


Ladder NameChampion TitleSkill Level
The Magic Sword LadderSword ChampionLow
The Very Large but Unenchanted Spikey Hammer LadderHammer ChampionMedium
The Epic LadderEpic ChampionHigh


List of Ronard Cup Winners



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