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The Brothic Cycle Book Three: Wander-God


Published January 5th, 2001


Dust Jacket

Brothic, Priest-King, has wandered and battled under the trees of Shadia for 10 long years. Follow his trail back to Blee, the grand beginnings of Bron, and his elevation to living Godhood by his adoring people, only to be followed by overwhelming defeat at the hands of the elemental armies of the Shield in the cataclysmic final battles of the Great War of Magik and Things!



Brothic, after wandering for 10 years in the murky forests of Shadia, finally escapes the forest haggard, his forces ragged. He sets them on a final march to Blee, desperate to begin a life of piece after long years of war. Upon their return, they drive the remaining Nar out of Blee and set up the kingdom of Bron, declaring Brothic a living God and building the Colossus of Blee to commemorate his victory and his role in leading his people to their promised land.


All is not to last, however. Brothic, champion of the Giants and Trolls, has won many jealous enemies in his travels. The nations of Parsonya, Morlond's Field, Gerge'a, the Dwarves, and the Witch-Elves and Elf-Witches of Shadia have banded together under the banner of the immortal S'yrf'yl. He leads them into Bron and they cut a swath of disaster across the kingdom, laying siege to the glorious Great Stronghold of Anhelm and destroying it through the tricket of the dwarves and the evil magiks of the Witch-Elves. Brothic and the enchanters of the Giants did their best to protect against the enchantments and the tide of the war was about to go in their favor when fate turned against Brothic and his followers.


The Conflagration of Conult will never be fully explained in its causes, but its effects will ever be felt by the Giants and Trolls. The might Weapons of the Elements forsook their masters and bestowed their powers on the armies of the enemy. The Witch-Elves became beings of pure Ice, freezing all they touched; elvish-witches became pillars of Fire, beings of pure flame; dwarves became beings of Earth, hardy warriors made of stone; the warlords of Gerge'a became creatures of Wind, riding whirlwinds into battle and the hardy folk of Morlond's Field became masses of vines and branches, Life incarnate, in control of the living nature around them. The armies of Parsonya, old enemies of the Giants, were too cunning and evil to be touched by the magik and remained their foreboding selves. The elvish-witches joined into a column of fire and consumed the Giant's Council in an enormous pyre, and the remaining armies bore down upon Brothic and his host. In this conflict, the mighty Colossus of Blee was destroyed, and Brothic's Godhood is revoked, and we leave him beaten and realizing that his dream has died.

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Tim said

at 10:55 pm on Jun 15, 2006

the usage of the word elemental in this context is now unclear to me.. do we know if realmworlds is revamping the term?

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