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Wang Kingdom

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The Wang Kingdom



A land of Oriental-flavored adventure and excitement, the Wang Kingdom was ruled by The High August Jade Lotus Emperors, whose ranks included Wang Yi the Magnificent Bastard, Shen Jingbing the Insane, Cao Shaitu the Slayer of All Things Slayable, Kang Chi-Nu the Perverted, and Ke Peirui the Conqueror of Harlots Their generations-long leadership made the kingdom the dominant power during the Wang Era. It is a land where bold samurai fight for the affections of sensuous geisha, where shadowy ninja lurk in every darkened corner, a land of wise old monks and deadly basket-hatted sorcerors.


The Wang Kingdom has been mostly isolationist, and, as such, its long and storied history is not well-known among the chronicles of Battal. Most of what is known about it comes from Oriental Tales of the Wang Kingdom.


It is also the homeland of the mysterious Cardboard Tube Samurai, who was trained in combat under the infamous Wangdok.


The Wang Kingdom's most famous (almost the only) export to the rest of Battal is its pudgy-faced water buffalo. The buffalo wander about the plains of the Kingdom as though they owned the place; in fact, Wang Buffalo (or simply Wangalo) are the most smug of all herd animals. Some say the best part of eating a Wangalo is the knowledge that one is wiping the smile off its rigid, meaty face, possibly with a gravy-soaked piece of toast as a trencher.


The dominate religion of the Wang Kingdom is Pahkmaan Feevar, the worship of the deity Pahkmaan. It was first installed as the State Religion by Wang Yi the Magnificent Bastard in 1,030.




The Wang Kingdom is divided into several geographic regions.

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Comments (3)

Anonymous said

at 12:54 am on Jan 27, 2006

anybody know anything about the buffalo herds that are supposedly here?

Anonymous said

at 6:18 am on Jan 27, 2006

They live on the High August Jade Lotus Imperial Plains, and... I can't really think of anything else that can be printed on a family webpage, I'm afraid.

Tim said

at 9:21 pm on Aug 9, 2006

for being heavily isolationist and for having almost only one export, it sure seems as though a lot of wang kingdom goods/services/creatures show up in a lot of places on the wiki lately

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