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Wasted L

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Wasted L


A rock band hailing from Kent, Ohio. Believed to be formed through a shared love of The Wizbits and all things ELotH:TES.


Not much is known about the band members, except that they took their stage names directly from ELotH:TES and wrote beautiful rock songs about being an Elemenstor.


The band, as of their breakup in 2005 consisted of :


Vaxin the Tiny - Drums / Back-up Vocals

Lord Hopebane - Lead Guitar

Aklom Reklats - Bass Guitar

Char Reyarteb - Lead Vocals



Their 2CD set, "Elemenstor, Bloody Elemenstor" was released on August 22nd, 2003 on a tiny independant label, Dog Soup. They were served with a Cease and Desist order from Tycho Brahe's personal attourney a week later.


The album was shelved and never saw more than the original run of 200 copies. It is considered, by many fans, to be a great record and is truly a collectors item.


As of September 2006, one band member anonymously made the claim that vocalist Char Reyarteb's drug and alcohol problem was a majour reason for the band break-up. While, at first, the news was merely saddening to me, I would go so far as to say it took a turn for the creepy when it was mentioned that all the drugs taken were, in fact, pills. Not only did Char abuse liquor and pills, but Char refused to call it a problem, instead insisting his addictions were referred to as a "binge". This seems to be an attempt to emulate the infamous drinking and pill binge of Tycho Brahe.


Signed copies, presumably fakes, have been showing up on eBay more and more lately...

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