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Water is one of the basic four elements of creation, and thus of High Elemenstation. It represents change, intuition, girliness, slipperiness, blue things, and car commercials. Its symbol in the CCG is the Droplet.


Water is represented symbolically in the Weighty Tome of Elemenstor by scantily clad nymphs with dazed looks in their half-lidded eyes. Water Elemanifestations can summon sea creatures or shuffle the configuration of the board. Water-aligned creatures tend to have moderate reflexes, low or high attitude (depending on the phase of the moon), and abilities dependent on myriad dies and counters (usually colored blue, but red if you're a nonconformist or concerned about "looking gay").


A Water Elemenstor is also known as a Moistener and is the second most common and popular type of element studied by Elemenstors (defeating Earth in a surprise upset, but unable to beat out the vastly more popular Fire.)


Water gears are amongst the most versitile of all the Elements, with a great mix of offense, defense, healing, ability-enhancers, and applications in day-to-day life.


is the ancient character the Hierarchs used for writing the word Water. It is often woven into the clothes of Water Elemenstors, or printed in their magical items. The character is part of the typeface used in printing the Elemenstor Cycle books and often appears in place of the word water when referring to Water Elemenstation.




Aren't there Elemenstor symbols for the Ur-Elements present in the character designs for The Wizbits?

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