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Welregar of Ebonshire

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Welregar of Ebonshire




Welregar was born to a family of Blacksmiths in the town of Ebonshire near Mount Volcanus. It was obvious to all that Welregar was destined for epic things, what with his dark red hair, deep blue eyes, good looks, penchant for saving village girls from distress, plus Welregar of Ebonshire just sounds really cool. Normally this would breed hope and pride from his parents, siblings and town folk, unfortunately for Welregar this was not the case. With the town being so near the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow the Sorrow aura of the Chasm affected the townsfolk and made them far more petty and jealous than normal. As such a would-be-hero such as Welregar really irritated them and so they treated him no better than a slave.


During his youth Welregar was frequently beaten by his parents for perceived incompetence, but also for his reckless heroics which he regularly displayed. The townsfolk for the most part treated Welregar as if he wasn’t there, going as far as to run into him on the street if he was in the way. Not only that but the Dwarves who lived near Mount Volcanus also treated him poorly. In fact on one occasion his father and a dwarf, who had come into town to see his father’s wares, tested out a sword that his father had made on Welregar who had to defend himself from the onslaught of the dwarf and his father.


As Welregar aged he became more and more depressed with his lot in life not recognizing the greatness that was innate in him. In fact he was almost going to commit suicide on his twelfth birthday but was stopped just as he was about to jump into Mount Volcanus by an elderly gentleman who carried a sword on his belt. The elderly gentleman told Welregar that he was traveling through the area and had seen the way that the town treated him. The elderly swordsman saw great potential inside of Welregar and offered to train the lad at swordsmanship. Welregar then attempted to argue against the swordsman telling him that no matter what he did he would always be a nobody and a loser. The swordsman pointed out that what mattered was strength from within and not to let the power of the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow control him like it controlled the town. In the end Welregar relented and accepted the training, thinking that if he did it he would show this mysterious man that he was no good.


Over the next 5 years Welregar trained with the old man. He learned how to fight, he became stronger, but not only that he grew up and became a tall handsome young man. During this time he kept his training a secret from his family and the town. However near his seventeenth birthday one of the townsfolk spotted him training on the slopes of the mountain with the swordsman and immediately the person ran back to tell Welregar’s parents. Upon his return that night Welregar’s father laid into him for this training and even pulled out a sword to strike Welregar. Welregar, who was fast on his feet and a much more competent swordsman than his father, instinctually dodged the blade while drawing his own killing his father. His mother screamed and ran from the room while Welregar stumbled back not sure what to do now. He had killed his father and would now be hunted down by the town. He fled to his master who was packing up his stuff to leave. Welregar told him what had transpired and the master told him not to worry about the death of his father, it was an accident as Welregar was only defending himself. He then advised Welregar to leave this accursed place as the villagers would most likely try to kill him. Welregar then asked his master if he could accompany him but his master refused telling him that he knew all he needed to know to survive in this world and that he should travel on his own and see that not all of this world was as bleak as this place. Then his master left bidding him farewell.


Upon seeing his master leave Welregar decided to take his master’s advice, but not before he had gotten payback for all the years of torment he had suffered. He knew, from overhearing discussions between his father and the dwarves, that the dwarves had been crafting magical swords in their town and he decided that just compensation for his suffering would be to take some of these weapons. He snuck into the dwarven town and into the forge. Just as he was looking over the swords though he heard a noise coming from behind him. He turned and saw the dwarf who had beat him coming at him with an axe. Acting quickly Welregar grabbed the nearest sword on the wall, dodged the axe and killed the dwarf. He then heard further sounds from outside the forge and in a panic he took as many swords as he could fleeing the scene.


Coincidence would have it that Welregar managed to take 13 swords forged from the scales of 13 different Great Dragons, and as he ran on the side of the mountain he tripped. All the swords fell into a crevasse on the side of the mountain that was filled with lava. As Welregar got up from his fall he saw a bright light emanate from the crevasse and the entire mountain shook. A jet of lava shot out from the side of the mountain and an object fell out of the jet landing only a hairsbreadth away from him. It was a sword unlike any he had ever seen before, but he didn’t have time to appraise this new weapon as the dwarves and the townsfolk were after him. So he took this new weapon and fled.


Eventually Welregar escaped from the villagers and spent a year traveling The Shield. During this year he learned about his new sword and called it Triskaidekaphilia because of its ability to transform into 13 different swords with different magical abilities (see: Triskaidekaphilia for a full description). He also learned that the setting that matched his fighting style the best was the “Speed” setting as his style was about fast accurate strikes and dodging the opponent. During his travels he was shown that most of the people of Battal were good people not like the town he had left behind. So he went from place to place proving his skill and earning a reputation as a hero in the lands.




Welregar eventually heard of a story that after the Siege of Trembaloo, a number of beautiful young women had been kidnapped from Trembaloo and never seen again. Since he was close by, and frankly would never pass up a chance to save a beautiful woman, Welregar decided to go to Trembaloo and check out what was going on. While in the city he heard rumors that an evil cult to Phgoorikus had arisen and was using the girls to resurrect their dark god, for he had been destroyed in the siege by Navrid the Unscrupulously Heroic. Welregar looked around the town to see if there were any suspicious characters and after a month of searching he noticed that several people from the town, including a local apothecary named Verix regularly left the town and traveled towards the Mountain of A'aa. Welregar decided that one night he would follow them into the mountains and see what they were up to.


That night Welregar followed the semicovered tracks in the snow up the mountain. As he traveled he spied an object flying around the mountain. He saw it get closer and noticed that it was a young platinum dragon. Welregar reached towards his sword when he was hailed by the female dragon. The female dragon asked him who he was and if he had seen a tall beautiful young woman with dark green hair, dark brown eyes and wearing a golden tiara on her brow. Welregar replied to the dragon inquiring its name, telling her his own and that he hadn’t seen the girl but that he now suspected that she may have been taken by the cult who was trying to resurrect Phgoorikus. He also told her that he was on his way now to investigate the cult and destroy them if they were up to no good. The dragon told him that her name was Ver'na, a familiar in the service of the girl she was looking for named Lady B'gt'ts. Welregar suggested that they should team up to find the lost Lady and deal with the cult, Ver’na accepted the proposition.


Welregar and Ver’na followed the path and eventually came to a cave. Welregar told Ver’na to wait outside as he went in to investigate. Welregar then switched his mighty sword into setting 6 which turned it into a mortuary sword rendering him invisible. Inside the cave he saw an altar in the middle upon which lay a tall, naked, very well endowed woman with long dark green hair and a golden tiara on her brow who was singing a soothing song. He also saw her surrounded by cult members in robes with what looked like the high priest standing next to this young woman. Welregar went back to the entrance and the two of them formulated a plan, while Welregar dealt with the cult members Ver’na would sneak up and free her master from her bonds.


Welregar switched his sword to setting 1 and his blade turned to a rapier. Then with blinding speed Welregar ran around the room killing each of the half-asleep cult members with a single blow to the heart. He reached the priest and tried to stab him but his sword bounced off of a magical barrier that surrounded him. Welregar then turned to face his advesary whom he recognized as Verix. He then heard a shout come from the young woman telling him to run because Verix was striking a mighty gear called Unlight's Eternal Decay. Welregar had no idea what that gear was for but he knew that the lady’s warning was sincere and reached down to switch his sword to option 7 which turned it into a glowing Jian that could reflect magic. He then took up a stance to reflect the gear whatever it may be. Verix struck the gear and flash of unlight emanated from him. The gear rebounded off of the Jian and was sent back at Verix who began to decay screaming in pain. Welregar noticed that the cave itself was also beginning to decay and looked over seeing the young woman and Ver’na running towards him shouting at him that they needed to get out of the cave. At that moment the cave collapsed in an avalanche of snow and rock.


They were swept down the mountain and off a cliff. Welregar was still in shock however from seeing this beautiful busty young woman naked and running at him so he did not think to switch his sword to option 3 which would allow him to fly. Instead the young lady grabbed him and stopped him from falling. He then looked up and saw the young woman with large white wings on her back. Again Welregar was in shock at the beauty in front of him but then he was rapidly brought back to reality as they continued to fall. Welregar reached down and switched the Triskaidekaphilia into a scimitar and began to fly himself and grabbed the young woman as she lost control. She then passed out shivering in his arms, so Welregar took his cloak, wrapped her in it and took her back to Trembaloo.


Welregar took her to the inn where he was staying and got her a room and a doctor. The doctor said that she would be fine after some rest. Three days passed as Welregar and Ver’na cared for Lady B’gt’ts and on the fourth day while Welregar was eating lunch she came down stairs. She walked over to him and greeted him introducing herself as Lady B’gt’ts. He then introduced himself and then she stepped forward and kissed him. This event started a romance that would not stop until Welregar’s death.


Over the following years they traveled and saw the world together, helping those in need, learning about each other and about themselves, at one point assembling the Falchion Faction in order to fight against Lord Quintak Hoch and the Item Law Makers Guild. They grew in love and friendship as they traveled and all who saw them were amazed at her beauty and intelligence, and his swordsmanship. Eventually the two were married in the city of Trembaloo and decided to settle there to live out their lives.


Unfortunately their honeymoon was short lived as news of a mighty and dreadful beast, known as the Charnel Wyrm, spread through the lands. The stories said that the Charnel Wyrm had been asleep for years until it had recently been reawakened, most probably by evil forces. The Wyrm was wrecking destruction and all the heroes who had ventured to fight it had been summarily defeated. Welregar and his new wife decided to go deal with this new threat.


The newlyweds and Ver’na flew to Mandleclang where the monster as ravaging the land, destroying everything in reach. Welregar switched his mighty sword to the second setting which would give him great strength, endurance and a mighty greatsword to fight the gigantic wyrm, meanwhile Lady B’gt’ts and Ver’na would fly around it looking for weaknesses and healing him as needed. Welregar cut deeply into the Wyrm’s unholy flesh but every time he did the creature would regenerate quickly. He was making no head way and on an especially deep cut he was struck from behind by one of the ceatures bony tentacles which grappled him. His wife flew down, healed him and the creature seemed to recoil. Then as Welregar cut himself free his wife was struck from behind by on of the tentacles knocking her to the ground. Welregar reached to his sword switching it to setting 9 which turned into a gladius which could heal. As he ran to his wife he yelled at Ver’na to keep the creature busy. He jabbed the gladius into the side of his wife and as it healed her he shouted her name begging her to wake up. She then opened her eyes and reached up to him showing him that she was okay. Then Lady B’gt’ts told her husband what she had discovered. The creature was weak to Life energy so if she could channel her Borner powers into his gladius, he should be able to hurt the creature. Welregar trusted his wife and turned to face the abomination as Ver’na fought it valiantly. The sword glowed with power then was sheathed in wood which grew into a massive blade that glowed green. Welregar charged the Charnel Wyrm his Life powered sword raised just as Ver’na was knocked aside. He brought his sword down on the creature cutting it in two. The body dissolved leaving only fragmented bones on the ground. Welregar turned to his wife only to see her pass out in exhaustion.


Upon her awaking Lady B’gt’ts found that she had lost the Knack and could no longer perform Elemenstation. Welregar took his wife back to Trembaloo where they lived out their lives in peace. There Lady B’gt’ts tended a garden, raised kids, and taught the children of Trembaloo, while Welregar went where needed and preformed many heroic deeds. The two had 10 children before a freak accident ended Welregar’s life. He was 54 years old when he was returning from a trip using the “Speed” setting of his sword. He accidentally stepped on a banana and tripped causing him to run headlong in to the side of a cliff killing him instantly. Thus ended the heroic life of Welregar of Ebonshire.


Notable Descendants



  • The Forgotten Faction by Dan Potter: Covers the story of Welregar of Ebonshire and Lady B’gt’ts. Most of the information on this page is from this work.

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