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While there is much talk of wenches throughout the history Battal, there is still some confusion as to what exactly classifies someone as a wench.


Wenches are, generally speaking, peasant women of a special variety. They're known to often lure men into their beds through the use of ale and other alcoholic beverages. Wenches usually mean no harm to the men that they have enthralled, and are just after a good time like everyone else. In rare instances, wenches may actually be male, however this is often difficult to ascertain due to copious intake of ale.


The term 'wench' can be either an insult or compliment, depending on whom it is directed towards, and the amount of ale consumed by that person.


Typical names for wenches include:



Note: It is very important that under no circumstances you confuse The Dancing Polkarian Sisters of Octobavaria with wenches.