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Westrenn Coast

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Westrenn Coast


Adventures in the Westrenn Coast were featured in the Tides of Epic Conflict Saga, which takes place during a period referred to as "The Sundered Era".


From north to south, the three major cities of the Westrenn Coast are the port city of Bizarkule, the Harpy Coal refining city of Hijinkis, and Tritificus Bellicosum a large manufacturing center along the Noddawee River that flows down from the snow capped peaks of The Smoos (the major western mountain range of The Sickle.)


Thanks to a favorable climate shift after The Unsundering, the great kingdom of Leng arose in the southern portion of the coast in a region which was formerly known as the Desolate Plains. The War Men who were living reasonably peaceful (at least self-contained) lives in the Desolate Plains were driven out of the lands when the people of The Sickle saw that those lands were becoming ever more hospitable. Some surmise that the trouble with War Men during the Century of Fire began with this seed of malcontent displaced War Men. Still others point to the complete and utter distruction of the Savage Barrenlands as another event which happened nearly simultaneously and may have lead to the rampage of the War Men.

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