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(approx -80,000 to -31,300)

In the beginning there was chaos. Chaos wasn't everywhere of course. Just the messy bits were chaos. Of course a lot of it's messy when it's the beginning. There was just a tiny place in the beginning that wasn't messy. This place was called the wildlands. Of course the Hierarchs called it DER SCHWARZLAND VON VERSTOLLEN KUHKIND (Those Hierarchs seemed as though they were always yelling) because they had a pretty good sense of humor back then.


Since then, the wildlands have seen innumerable exciting and historic events such as The Great Crossing Whilst Looking at Scenery by the Army of Himssford; The Amazing Wandering Through and Picking of Wildflowers of the Tyrant of Shulk (as chronicled in Herbov's "Chancy but True! Happenings"), The Age of Whimpering, and of course The Meandering Naptime of the Helvitican Titans of Yore.


The primary city of the Wildlands is Himssford.

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