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Windfield Plains

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Windfield Plains

Lonely windswept plains in northern Parsonya. Home to one of the Seven Great Herds of the Minotaur, few others venture across these overcast and dreary lands.


The minotaur of these lands are of a particularly fowl disposition, as their nomadic wandering are restricted by The Long Road, which divides northern Parsonya from souther Parsonya with a fortified wall which stretches from the city-castle DragonBone in the west, all the way to the port city of BashRock on the eastern coast.


These minotaur can often be found frequenting Oblivion, often searching for a weightier hammer.


The other primary inhabitants of the plains are the Barely Flattenable Weaslefox, vicious pack hunters which are the bane of all but the mighty minotaur.


It should go without saying, but the Battle of Windfield Plains from Book 12 occurred here.

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