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With All Those Goddamn Titles

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With All Those Goddamn Titles


A title bestowed upon Rothgar by an impatient old man whose name has been lost to the ages. Apparently the old man was not impressed when Rothgar presented him with his full list of titles (featuring his then impressive and rather long winded 45 titles) and was later appalled when this, the 46th, was added to the list. He then took to calling Rothgar other things, but none of them were really family-title appropriate.


There is some legend that this title was actually given by the bestower of the title He of More Names Than Really Seems Necessary When One Thinks Of It or even The Undeserving of So Many Goddamned Titles About Mundane Things, but years of detailed research have proven such ideas to be completly false. If anything this just proves how truly widespread the dreaded plague Titlousy can be.


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