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Wizbits Christmas Adventure

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Wizbits Christmas Adventure


The Wizbits Episode 0001

Aired 15 December 2001



Written, directed, and apparently animated by James Langomedes, the cast of the Wizbits cartoon got together to voice act this unique piece of animated history. Ostensibly based on The Nutcracker, there are extensive additions from James Langomedes's infamously thurough yet mild acquaintence with occult lore.


The feature-length story tells of The Wizbits (including Doodle, in his only post-The Return of Skip!-appearance) celebrating Christmas along with Mordecai, who mysteriously celebrates Crystalnacht, along with a large party with many cameo appearances. The Wizbits discover the exciting story of an ancient battle fought on Christmas, one concerning the King in Tatters and his army of rats duelling with an ancient civilization.


After the others retire to bed, the Wizbits linger beneath the Christmas tree--only to find they're shrinking! They behold a massive battle in miniature, acted out by hordes of rats led by Yellow King Moo Maa in a fight against the Knights of the Chrome Garden. The Wizbits aid the Chrome Garden Knights and lead them to victory. And then follow them into the Chrome Garden.


The rest of the special has best been summed up by its myriad critics*.



Skip: I bet a lot of you are feeling uncomfortable right now.



  • After the special aired, Brad Aviar, Cassie Bloomfeld, and Hal Burton combined forces to destroy all the copies of the special they could, using hammers as their means of "purification." The three confessed they did not know what they were putting on the air until they had seen it for themselves.


  • Only illegal copies of the special remain, as the above three will destroy any and all copies within hammer-reach.


  • Langoites point to this episode as evidence of Langomedes's intense knowledge of thaumaturgy and bleak magick rites. Others point out that James Langomedes's original script includes such notations as "Is this rly whut that ment? I hope it does" and "This ul get me some wicca chix".


  • *"The hell what now?" formed the entirety of the TV Guide review of the Christmas Adventure.


Cast and Crew


Written by

James Langomedes


Directed by

James Langomedes



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